Install Flash without Admin Privileges


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    Install Flash without Admin Privileges

    Post by MoRa on Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:36 am

    Let’s assume you’re at work or at school and you’re on the computer.
    There’s an enormous chance that you have no administrative privileges and there’s absolutely nothing you can install onto the computer. Gratte
    Let us also assume that you want to use Mozilla Firefox instead of IE.
    That’s an easy one, ’cause we’ve all heard of Firefox Portable. Finally you download Firefox and you’re happy how you fooled Windows. Yeye
    So you’re browsing and you go to youtube. And what happens? You need to install the Flash Player. Damn… What now… Confused

    1. Copy this link: into Internet Explorer. After IE downloads it, save the file. (*why to IE?.. because if you just try to download it with Firefox, every time you begin, the automatic addon-installer will appear and that is not what we need)

    2. Change the extension of the file from .xpi to .zip

    3. Now right click and unzip it.

    4. In the folder you need to find the following files: NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt …delete all other files and copy these two

    5. The next step is to go to your Mozilla Firefox Portable directory(*located depending on where you saved it, mine for example is on the desktop).

    6. Now find the plugin directory and just paste those two files.

    7. Restart Mozilla and enjoy the Flash videos.


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