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    Things not allowed to be sold.


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    Things not allowed to be sold. Empty Things not allowed to be sold.

    Post by MoRa Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:27 am

    Not allowed:

    • Any sort of accounts.
    • Xbox Live Accounts
    • Xbox Live MS Points
    • Xbox Live Subcriptions
    • Wii Points
    • Anything that has to do with sending a person a code or having to give away any personal information like emails/passwords!

    Some people are not trustworthy and not end up sending you the code.

    Happy selling. And be safe!

    If any of you are caught selling any of this you will receive 1 warning. The next time you do it, you will be banned.

    If a moderator has anything else that should be added here please tell me and I will add it.

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    Things not allowed to be sold. Empty Re: Things not allowed to be sold.

    Post by Ganjafreak Sun May 10, 2009 12:44 pm

    Another thing that isn't allowed, Any CREDIT CARD information. If I see this I will report you to be banned.

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