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    Direct Rules


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    Direct Rules Empty Direct Rules

    Post by MoRa Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:07 pm


    * No Spamming - Unless your in the Fun or General Section

    * No Flaming

    * No Bumping - Don't double post, unless your post has not been responded for at least 24hrs.

    * Don't be rude - Please respect each other, this is the internet no need to fight.

    * No swear words - Unless your saying it as a joke, or at least try not to say them so much

    * Please post in the correct section - Even though it does give us the Mod team something to do, it is a hassle doing it. And also it makes the site look nice

    * Do not type in ALL CAPS or EvERy OtHeR caps - It does get very annoying and sometimes it is very hard to read

    * No racism or hate comments - Please, we are all people we should just get along.

    * No exchanging of xbox live accounts - Your account may end up being stolen and you will blame us.

    ATTENTION: Members please report bad posts.
    Ex. Someone is breaking the rules.

    *Also colored/bold fonts are only for Admins, Mods and Light Mods. Please do not use them, if you are caught using them you will receive a warning. Second time a suspension.

    Direct Rules FRENZY2

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