Ixtreme 1.51 Flashing Tutorial


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    Ixtreme 1.51 Flashing Tutorial

    Post by MoRa on Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:25 am

    Tutorial I made for installing and updating to Ixtreme 1.51
    For BenQ and Samsung DVD Drives only.
    Ixtreme Firmware 1.5 lets you play backups including backups with the new 3rd Video Partition on your x360.

    If you are not sure which DVD drive your x360 has, remove the faceplate and use the diagram below and look at hole #3.

    An Xbox 360 with either a BenQ or Samsung DVD Drive.
    A destop computer with a free PCI slot.
    VIA 6421A PCI SATA Chipset.
    The latest VIA 6421A Drivers.
    USB Pen Drive.

    You can download all the files that you will need from here:

    Password - yhbtimblk@xbox360iso.com

    Firstly you will have to open your xbox 360.