Microsoft Still Testing Xbox 360 IPTV


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    Microsoft Still Testing Xbox 360 IPTV

    Post by MoRa on Tue Jan 20, 2009 8:35 pm

    Back in 2006, Microsoft made their long-term plans for the Xbox 360 public. One of the biggest ideas was that the Xbox 360 could act as a set-top box for IPTV service. Microsoft has since been quiet about the technology, with the last major announcement coming at E3 in 2007 when they announced that British Telecom would be the first provider to utilize the 360 as a STB. Those plans still haven't materialized.

    Microsoft came back this week, saying that the technology is still in testing and is planned to be deployed.... But no time frame given. Right now, there are "multiple carrier field trials" going on. But there are only a few IPTV providers in the United States. The largest provider and one who's been rumored to be onboard since day one is AT&T. Their U-Verse service offers IPTV over fiber, and coincidentally, their Motorola STBs use Microsoft's Mediaroom software. SureWest, a smaller provider in the west and midwest, also uses IPTV. Last year, Verizon sold their landline operations in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine to FairPoint Communications. FairPoint is getting ready to start their own IPTV service. They acquired all of Verizon's FiOS fiber optic infrastructure in the deal.

    There's a lot of potential for IPTV on the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 was named because the "the media room will revolve 360 degrees around the Xbox 360". So, lets see it do the full 360, Microsoft.


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