Fitness Hero and Workout Hero Trademarked


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    Fitness Hero and Workout Hero Trademarked

    Post by MoRa on Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:49 pm

    These days, it seems like there's no shortage of companies trying to leverage the brand power behind Activision's Guitar Hero series. Siliconera, for example, spotted a pair of recently filed trademarks that aim to do exactly that, but they're not the rhythm game ripoffs you might be expecting; VPT Technologies has trademarked both Fitness Hero and Workout Hero.

    Never heard of VPT Technologies? The New York-based company specializes in voice-activated fitness equipment, but their website -- in addition to being filled to the brim with marketing speak like "align the various markets" and "synergistic" -- also mentions that they're developing a "web-based video game system to connect all users in a fun, safe, and secure global network." Could that be referring to Fitness Hero and/or Workout Hero? Sounds like a pretty safe bet.

    Whether or not the Hero name alone is enough to sell a game is debatable -- incidentally, it didn't exactly work wonders for Guitar Hero Metallica. Regardless, if it's an acceptable tactic for an established and well-respected game developer like Gearbox, then it's probably good enough for VPT Technologies.



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