E3 2009 'not a return to the old,' says ESA boss


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    E3 2009 ''not a return to the old,'' says ESA boss

    Post by MoRa on Thu May 21, 2009 4:22 am

    GameDaily had a chat with ESA CEO Michael Gallagher as the industry gears up for E3 2009 in just two weeks' time. Much has been made of the show's return to grand form (i.e. not in a hanger) but Gallagher says not to expect the old E3. Surely Gallagher can't mean we'll miss out on the giant booths, scantily clad models and generally overwhelming atmosphere of shows part -- you know, the glamour and sizzle ESA communications director Dan Hewitt previously confirmed.

    "Last year we made some improvements based upon the input we received, but this show is not a return to the old E3," he said. "It is definitely much more reflective of the energy, excitement and creativity of our industry, but I wouldn't say it's our first 'big E3' or a return to the old one. It's a show based upon what the industry needs to project as an image of the excitement we have in the pipeline for the rest of the year. It's the right show; it's not a particular reference to any prior year."

    As we've just learned today, the "right show" evidently includes little people running amok.



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