Original Xbox backups on 360


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    Original Xbox backups on 360

    Post by MoRa on Sat May 16, 2009 8:29 pm

    This tutorial is for making a backup of an original Xbox game, burning that backup to a blank double layer DVD, and playing it on a Firmware-Hacked Xbox 360. Please note that this tutorial will only work if EVERYTHING is done perfectly. There are many ways to screw this up, so please read this through beforehand, follow all directions, and please ask questions first if you do not understand a step.

    This tutorial requires all of these:

    1. An original Xbox game disc that is on the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility List
    2. An Xbox 360 that is modified with a DVD drive firmware hack released by Commodore4Eva.
    3. A double-layer DVD Recorder installed in your PC that can bitset/booktype +R media to DVD-ROM and is otherwise compatible with your hacked Xbox 360.
    4. Blank double-layer DVD media that is compatible with your hacked Xbox 360.
    5. Either the TS-H943 Samsung Xbox 360 DVD Drive, Hitachi 47d with f900 "SS-ripping" firmware, or access to the Xbox 360 version Security Sector file for your Xbox 1 game, of the same region, extracted using the Xbox 360 TS-H943 Samsung DVD drive (xtrm0800) or the Hitachi 47d (f900).
    6. A PC DVD Drive in which you can take off the lid and use it to hotswap discs without hitting the eject button.
    7. You need a large movie DVD over 7.5GB in size that will be used for hotswapping discs.
    8. ISOBuster
    9. CloneCD
    10. Carranzafp's SS Patcher 1.5

    Software Installation

    Install the programs that you downloaded and extract SS Patcher from the ZIP archive.

    Hotswap Preparation

    You will need to take the case off of your computer, take the DVD drive out of the case, and open it up. You will need to easily be able to access this drive, and have the ability to lift up the lid during operation and swap the disc with a new one, and put the lid back on the drive. If you are lucky, you may have a drive with an easy sliding metal bar that has the necessary drive magnet to hold discs in place while they are spinning. I was lucky and had a dead BenQ drive, so I took the magnet off of that to use for hotswapping. I have my drive set up like in the following picture:


    Either close the lid on your hotswap DVD drive or have your magnet ready. Push the actual eject button on the front to eject the tray and insert your large movie DVD. Wait until Windows recognizes the disk and close any autoruns/installations/players. First, open up SS Patcher but just leave it there, sitting on the desktop. Don't do anything with it yet. Open up ISOBuster. The first thing you want to do is change your read retries to 1 so that when you encounter disc sector errors, it will only retry copying them one time. This should save some time. Go to Options, Communication, and Read Settings. Set the bars all the way to the left so that they are both set to 1. Then hit Ok.

    In ISOBuster, the left side of the program shows you a file "tree" containing the disc contents. The top of the tree should be DVD. Right-click on this, and select Extract DVD , then select User Data (*.tao, *.iso).

    It will bring up a browse window asking you where you want to save the file and what to name it. In the File name: bar, type "IMAGE.000" without the quotes. DO NOT HIT SAVE!

    You are not suppossed to hit Save, because it will start ripping the DVD if you do. You just want to type the file name in the bar and that's it. If you were too quick and hit Save, cancel it, and start this entire tutorial over again. If you did not hit Save, the window should still be up. Now, switch over to SS Patcher that you opened up earlier. Go to Drive Tools, select Mini dvdinfo pro. Choose your DVD drive from the drop down list and you should see a list of information about your disc. Notice the layerbreak value, write this down or type it into notepad, we will use that later.

    If you type it in notepad, just minimize it, get it out of the way and don't mess with it. Now, you should still have SS Patcher open and displaying your drive information. In the General Options to the right, select Stop Drive Spin.

    Your large movie DVD will stop spinning. Take off the lid or drive magnet and take out the disc, without hitting eject on your DVD drive. Put your Original Xbox game in the drive, and replace the drive lid or magnet so that when it spins back up again, it will be stable. Once you have double-checked that the lid is on completely, go back to SS Patcher. In the General Options to the right, select Start Drive Spin. You should hear your disc start spinning up.

    Ripping The Game

    You can close SS Patcher for now, we won't need it again until later. Go back to ISOBuster. It should still be at the Save window where you entered IMAGE.000. Now you can hit Save. The disc will start ripping. Wait there for about 5-10 minutes, as the drive will encounter some normal disc sector read errors, and you will need to tell ISOBuster what to do. At around 7%, your computer will start running really slow (hopefully it doesn't lock up) and you will get the following error in ISOBuster. You will need to select Replace with dummy data, check the box at the bottom that says Always apply Selection, and hit Selection.

    Now let your computer be, it will take some time to rip the game, as it is making a byte-by-byte exact copy of it. It usually takes a couple hours to rip a game. i would recommend not using your computer while it is ripping, as ISOBuster tends to make everything run really slow. When it is finally finished, it will probably ask you to save an IMAGE.cue file, we won't need it, so you can either save it or not, it doesn't matter.

    Verifying a Good Rip

    Open SS Patcher and go to File, Open Image, and open the IMAGE.000 you just saved your rip as. Now, go to Image Tools, select Image Browser to see the contents of the image. There should at least be a default.xbe file in the list, and should be other files/folders in the image. Here is what my Halo 2 NTSC looked like.

    Making the IMAGE.DVD file

    Remember that Layerbreak value I told you to write down or type in notepad? Here is where you will use it. Open a new notepad, so that it is blank. Type in the following, and add 1 to the layerbreak value that you wrote down earlier. For example, my layerbreak value was 2029727. What I would write in notepad is the following:

    Add 1 to your layerbreak value and type the IMAGE.000 on the second line. You will want to save this in the same folder as your game rip and change the Save as type: to All Files. Save as IMAGE.dvd.

    You're almost done, you just need to patch the raw image (IMAGE.000) with the Xbox 360 version security sector for the game you are ripping. If you have an Xbox 360 Samsung TS-H943 DVD drive, you can extract the security sector yourself using the xtrm0800.bin firmware. I will not be giving instructions for extracting the security sector. There are other guides on the internet for extracting the security sector, I prefer Geebee's Complete Xbox 360 Firmware Tutorial v18.

    If you have an Xbox 360 Hitachi-LG DVD Drive version 47d, you can use the recently released f900 "SS-extracting" firmware to dump the SS.

    If you have any other version DVD drive, you will have to get the security sector somewhere else (NO FILE REQUESTS ON THE COMMENTS, FORUMS, or at XBOX-SCENE!). The security sector is copyrighted material, and would be illegal under the DMCA to distribute freely. Commodore4Eva is working on a Hitachi firmware to extract the security sector from discs.

    Patching Your Image

    Open up SS Patcher and load up your IMAGE.000. Go to Image Tools, select Patch Image. You will need to patch the image at the PSN offset of 605FF (it may already be set to this value, mine was). Hit the ellipsis (...) button to browse for your security sector and hit Patch Now !!! It will give you a warning, asking for a final confirmation, hit Yes.


    Put a blank double-layer DVD in your DVD recorder and set your booktype to DVD-ROM. (Pioneer burners will do this automatically). I will not go in-depth into setting the booktype, because there are too many different brands of DVD recorders. I would search on Google for your drive's model number and see if there is a firmware or program specifically built for your drive to set the booktype.

    Burning Your Disc

    You are now ready to burn your disc with CloneCD. Open up CloneCD, choose Write Image to File, and select the IMAGE.dvd file (the one you made in Notepad). Select the correct DVD recorder if you have more than one DVD drive installed, and burn the disc at a compatible speed. I wouldn't go over 2.4x. Wait for the disc to finish burning, and you should be all set.

    Place the disc in your firmware hacked Xbox 360 to enjoy playing Xbox 1 games on it. If you have any questions, please ask them in the forums.


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