How to hack the iTouch


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    How to hack the iTouch

    Post by MoRa on Sat May 16, 2009 6:18 am

    This tutorial works only with firmware Version 1.1.1 and below.

    This is a Windows Tutorial Not Mac.

    Here are Step by Step instructions on how to Hack Via Jailbreaking The iTouch to Allow Third Party Programs. ex. Nes.

    1. Do a system restore just to be sure everything is clean and non corrupt on your iTouch.
    2. Open Safari on the iTouch
    3. Browse to this Exact URL

    4. Wait a few seconds and Safari should crash. (This is good)
    5. On your windows pc download this file.

    6. Extract it to one folder so its not a jumble mess on your desktop.
    7. Connect your iTouch to your pc. Make sure iTunes is closed. also go to task manager and make sure ituneshelper.exe gets closed too
    8. Run the touchfree executable.
    9. It will do everything automated for you. When it says to reboot. Hold the sleep button and the Home key. (if it says reboot twice. then do it twice)
    10. When it asks for IP. you must have the iTouch connected to the same network as you wirelessly. On iTouch go to settings>Wi-Fi>Click the blue arrow beside your network and type that ip adress into touchfree
    11. Locate the Putty Executable. and open it.
    12. Type in your iTouch's IP and hit okay.
    Username: root
    Password: alpine

    3. Enter the user name and pass (pretty easy not hard to miss)
    14. Type /Applications/ and hit enter to launch Installer.
    15. After AppTapp opens on your iTouch, press control+c to close it
    16. Open Safari on iTouch and navigate to ""
    17. Tap yes to add it to Installer
    18. Back in terminal, using putty, type /Applications/ and hit enter to launch Installer again.
    19. Install Trip1PogoStick located under System category to enable scrolling and applications.
    20. When you're done, reboot the iTouch and close all your windows. You now have AppTapp installed on your iTouch =]

    Congrats if everything worked then youve just got an unlocked itouch =]


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    Re: How to hack the iTouch

    Post by Ganjafreak on Sat May 16, 2009 6:56 am

    I am definatly getting one of these when i get some money cause i love that i want a iphone to but ipod touch is cooming first you can browse the web and ***t like that i love touch screen that is handheld need to make a touchscreen psp. xD

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