Unpatch Nazi Zombie glitches


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    Unpatch Nazi Zombie glitches

    Post by MoRa on Sat May 16, 2009 6:03 am

    Do you want to glitch Nazi Zombies and get really high on the leaderboards?
    Does Treyarch keep patching all your sweet barrier glitches?
    Well then you have come to the right thread.

    The Video Tutorial:

    The Text Tutorial:

    Step 1: Unplug your Ethernet Cord from your Xbox 360.

    Step 2: Turn on your Xbox 360.

    Step 3: Sign into your Profile/Gamertag (You will not sign onto Xbox Live since your Ethernet cable is unplugged)

    Step 4: Start Call of Duty: World at War

    Step 5: Go into Solo Nazi Zombies or Split Screen (Since you are not on Xbox Live at the moment) on Verruckt.

    Step 6: Get into your favorite barrier glitch (I recommend [This One], I also recommend getting a flamethrower)

    Step 7: Once in your glitch, plug the Ethernet cord back into your Xbox 360.

    Step 8: Hit the guide button and connect to Xbox Live.

    Step 9: Have fun killing zombies, until you reach your designated round.

    The reason this works is because when Treyarch patched the glitches they used a "hotfix" insted of a "update" patch. So for a hotfix to work, you have to be connected to live. This is why when you start the game the "hotfix" glitches arnt patched.

    Please enjoy. I hope this tutorial helps everyone who wanted to try some barrier glitches on the new map, but were unable to do them before they got patched. I tried to make the tutorial as easy as I could. I can not confirm that this will work on the PS3, but if someone tries it and it does let me know and ill change the tutorial for both platforms.

    *all credit for this glitch goes to Midget*


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    Re: Unpatch Nazi Zombie glitches

    Post by Ganjafreak on Sat May 16, 2009 6:53 am

    Sweet, I had this game on a ps3 should of keept it and not sold it but oh well i alsso sold the ps3 but i will be getting it with a 360 soon.

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