Halo 3 New Way to Make Items Float As Soon as they Are Spawned in Forge


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    Halo 3 New Way to Make Items Float As Soon as they Are Spawned in Forge

    Post by MoRa on Sat May 16, 2009 5:57 am

    To do this glitch, do the ExO Arm Glitch to a non-host (host must do it to the person), twist the Gravity Hammer until the person has no arms, then have the host spawn a Plasma Pistol. Shoot the Plasma Pistol fully charged a few times (about 3-5 full charges should do it), then have the host hold on to a weapon like a shotgun or something, and if you did it right, you can pick up the gun while the host is still holding the weapon.

    At this part, we showed you guys the vehicle glitch, the weapon glitch, and the sliding glitch just to include them, but those aren't new.

    The new glitch is where the person who had the ExO Arm Glitch done to them goes in to Forge mode after they pick up the shotgun or whatever, and the host shoots them with a laser until they can go in to Forge mode, and they have their reticule back. It may take a while, and you may just have to sit in Forge mode for a while until your reticule comes back, and when your reticule comes back, you're good to go.

    Next, all you have to do is spawn an item, it should fall immediately, and the little blue thing should be floating in the air without you holding on to it.

    As proven by IxSPAWNxKILL, this can only be done on Xbox LIVE to a non-host.

    Credit: CLK Rebellion & T7 TJ