Halo 3 Hidden Pelican on The Ark


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    Halo 3 Hidden Pelican on The Ark

    Post by MoRa on Sat May 16, 2009 5:53 am

    Load up The Ark on any difficulty, and get to the area where there's the Brute Captain (golden brute), and kill him, along with everyone else in the area, and to the right of the brute (assuming you're looking to where you first saw him), you will see a few boulders that you can jump on, but before jumping on the rocks, grab the captain's Brute Shot.

    After acquiring the the Brute Shot, jump up the rocks, hug the wall, then walk around the corner. In front of you should be a slope which you can jump on - but you will slide off, which is where the Brute Shot comes in handy.

    Jump as high as you can on this slope, then shoot the Brute Shot slightly in front of your feet, giving you that extra boost you need to get over the slope, and on to a downward slope.

    Next, there will be a ledge-ish thing right there that you can jump on - jump on it, then crouch-jump on the other ledge in front of you, fall down to the boulder beneath you, and sneak to the other side of the Pelican.

    Now you're free to throw grenades at it and try knocking it down to play around with it on the surface!